CMS ERP Will Improve Community Management

CMS ERP Will Improve Community Management

For a long time, community or alumni management relied exclusively on lengthy paperwork, work orders, and IT requests. CMS ERP system automates processes across all individuals and eliminates the time and cost associated with hardware, complex installs, and software updates.

With a community management system from CMS ERP, you will be able to:

  • Close work orders faster. Manage work orders on one platform, submit work requests from anywhere, route work order requests in real time, and generate reports to calculate budget and staffing needs.
  • Interaction between members will increase.
  • Easier to create, manage and organize any type of events.
  • Robust member directory will help you to find any member of the community quickly.
  • Easy to dispatch any number of news, notices
  • Boost efficiency. Many of our solutions integrate to provide a global-view of your organization’s operations and improve communication with all the members.
  • Protect your assets. Extend equipment life by 25% by automatically scheduling recurring maintenance tasks to ensure that problems are identified before they become emergencies.

With CMS ERP’s management system, you can say goodbye to the headaches associated with paper processes and take a more proactive approach. “All members of my maintenance team are now held accountable and are on board with the new system,” says Kim Gillespie, Chief School Financial Officer of Alabama Trinity College Alumni Association. “I can pull up the purchase history in a few seconds and present it to my superiors. CMS ERP even helps our bookkeeper tremendously – she can quickly classify purchases, which saves her a lot of time.” Want to learn more? Check out this quick overview!

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